All White Everything: On the Scene at New York’s Dîner en Blanc

A dinner to which guests are asked to bring their own tables, chairs, and food seems like the kind of event many would shy away from. But a crowd of 5,000 people dressed head-to-toe in white clothing showed up for Tuesday night’s Dîner en Blanc at New York City’s Hudson River Park. And they’re just the ones who made the list.

“We have 35,000 people on the waiting list today, and we’re very proud of that,” said Aymeric Pasquier, the son of the original dinner‘s founder who brought the event to New York five years ago. “You can see that people give so much effort in the preparation of the Dîner en Blanc. They create this event.”

While the dinner takes place throughout the year in about 70 cities around the globe, New York’s is the largest. You can take a look at what we saw at the event here.