Celebrity Stylist Lo VonRumpf

Lo VonRumpf


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Examiner recently spoke with Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Lo VonRump as he divulges with us current style and beauty trends, what life is like as a trend-setting celebrity stylist and more…

Q: Describe a day in the life of a celebrity stylist?

A: I start my day bright and early! I begin with green tea to clear my mind and then I tackle the day. Emails and requests for either my services or advice come at all hours, so I use the early morning to handle publicist requests, client inquiries, and researching styles that appeal to me, as well as update social media platforms and plan out the projects for the day. For me, keeping up with my client’s schedules to anticipate looks that help create their image is critical. Styling is about studying the client and advising them how to brand themselves and create an emotional connection they want from their fans or audience. I brainstorm for those “red carpet moments” that allows my clients and their fans to capture a moment and shine.

I spend a major part of each day pulling looks from designer showrooms, going to viewings of upcoming lines and having style fittings with my clients. There is always a day dedicated to coordinating the returns – easy to say this is the less glamorous side of the job ha-ha! On a day of an award show or red carpet event – the whole day is dedicated to creating a clear concept of style. This is when you put it all together – you partner with the glam squad of hair stylists and makeup artists to make sure they have a clear concept that aligns with look I selected for my client!

Q: Which colors make up the summer palette of the season?

A: his season is all about jewel tones, bold color and hues of blue in summer. Cobalt, sky blue, aqua, emeralds are all great colors that transition very well from spring to summer, but also work well in fall and winter. Also, I am so happy that the metallic palette is back! I absolutely love adding a pop of metallic to any outfit. Metallic blue, pink, gold, silver are my obsessions this summer.

Q: What are some of your favorite products to use when primping someone up?

A: It all starts with good under garments! You need to feel confident in what you are wearing underneath and how the outfit fits and lays on your frame – regardless of size. Spanx are an amazing product! I always make sure to have the essentials in my styling kit—fabric tape, SHOUT wipes, pins, thread, lint roller, shoe inserts, petals—when meeting when with a client. I also like to bring some beauty products to my fittings. My clients will tell you that it is not out of the ordinary for us to enjoy a face mask together during a fitting ha-ha!

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Q: What are some style travel ideas for the jet setting woman?

A: I know that the most important thing is the level of comfort when jet setting, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion. Most of my clients travel often, but still want to look fantastic. I search for a wrinkle resistant fabric when shopping for them. Also, when packing, stick with the essentials— a great pair of black denim, a few tops to interchange and always pack a pair of nude or black pumps as backup. I am in love with trench coats and feel it is the perfect item to travel with. Gabardine fabric is great for travel…it looks chic in a cropped trench coat and works well in most climates. Burberry and Derek Lam are my go to designers for outwear.

Q: How did it feel when you found out you were selected as one of the “Hot Fresh Faces of Hollywood” (Nylon Magazine)?

A: It’s a great feeling! I am an avid reader of Nylon and was so happy to be part of it! I remember my publicist sharing the news with me and I was so excited! When you are recognized for something you love doing, it really just affirms you are on the right track. I love New York fashion, but it’s nice for LA to be recognized as well.

Q: Who are some of your favorite celebrities that you’ve styled?

A: I have to say there is something about each celebrity I work with that makes them stand out in my mind. Their personalities are all over the board and when styling, you are part of the process in branding their look. Some of my favorite celebrities would be Ricky Martin; Jana Kramer and Jen Aniston. It is hard to pin point favorites because I have a blast at my fittings- seeing my client’s inner confidence light up a room after a I have styled them, makes every client a favorite in that sense.

Q: Any tips on garnering the hottest beauty trends for the summer?

A: It all starts with taking care of your skin. This summer is all about an effortless, fresh faced, minimal look so I suggest investing in a quality face lotion with SPF. Take time to pamper yourself. It’s all about taking care of your health and having a glow that does not involve more sun damage, so finding a good self-tanner is always a must-have for summer. Most of my clients use self-tanners to achieve this. Also, dab cream based body oil on shoulders, cleavage and legs for the matte sheen that is not oily and leaves marks on clothes. I also think the summer trend of bold colors should be included in your makeup- so try a fun pop of color on your lip or eye. Try:

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Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Coastal BlueMetallic TaupeViolet Storm or Meadow Grass 

Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango or Rock N’ Red

Q: Lip gloss or lipstick?

A: I prefer a lip gloss with my clients. Especially now with all of the great options of lip glosses! They can still provide a lip stain, but lips look great with that touch of gloss.

Q: Favorite go to beauty product?

A: I love under eye concealer. It helps to camouflage my late night tired eyes from working at the office.

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